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Casa De Meze

Serving Greek, Italian, Spanish, French and Modern Australian cuisine

If you're seeking a quiet dining atmosphere where your mind can drift away to the clouds, don't bother visiting Casa De Meze. But if excitment, passion, bright colours and electric food takes your fancy, Cairns Premier Salsa Dance Venue & Restaurant will light your fire. Drop in for a drink, a light meal or a huge feast and watch the amazing Latin dancers strut their stuff. Casa De Meze is great fun and is guaranteed to get your juices flowing!

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Cafe China

Serving authentic Peking and Hong Kong cuisine, yum cha, seafood and noodle artistry cuisine

Café China was born in 1996. An award-winning and internationally acclaimed restaurant, known for its authentic Peking and Hong Kong cuisine, yum cha, seafood and noodle artistry.

Great tasting and sophisticated Chinese food, a comfortable atmosphere, down-to-earth setting and the attentive staff are some of the many reasons why both locals and visitors from around the world make frequent trips back to Café China.

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Splash Seafood Restaurant

Serving Australian cuisine

Splash Seafood Restaurant - The best place to enjoy the bounty of the sea is by the sea.Splash Seafood Restaurant, one of the finest Cairns Seafood Restaurants, is the perfect place to enjoy the delightful marine cuisine of Tropical North Queensland. Located on the Cairns Esplanade overlooking the Coral Sea, Splash Seafood Restaurant serves up the freshest of ingredients with friendly flair.

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Barnacale Bills

Serving Australian cuisine

Barnacle Bill's Seafood Inn is situated in the city's heart on the popular Esplanade. They have been serving the finest quality seafood dishes to satisified customers for over two decades.

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